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Working at Johnny’s Tavern is quite the adventure, and being downtown sometimes can often feel “touristy,” even when those who typically frequent our other KC locations come on by and see us.  I will say, those who do not have a ‘Johnny’s Tavern’ close to them definitely request one.  Trust us, The Tav would take over the world if it could.  I mean, I wouldn’t be opposed to traveling the world to help (I had to enter my own plug since I seem to never travel enough). 🙂 But seriously, the amount of work that goes into opening just one store is tremendous.  Hats off to those who put in the work to choose the right location.  After all, it’s all about Location, Location, Location, am I right?


Based on our history, all of our locations have been within’ the Kansas City/Lawrence area.  Well, friends, I have some great news for those a little outside the KC metro/Lawrence area….store number 11 is coming at ya.  JOHNNY’S TAVERN is coming to TOPEKA!!!  Yes, we are showing some love to the capital of the great Sunflower State.  


We are all incredibly excited about this new venture and cannot wait to get those doors open to the great city of Topeka.  Gaining another sister store is a beautiful thing.  The only question is how many TV’s do you think there will be?  I’ll tell you what, each store has more TV’s than the last so this should get interesting.  Personally, I don’t think you can have too many TV’s when it comes to watching Mahomes.  19 more days until pre-season, people!


As of today, I don’t have an official opening date to share but please stay tuned for all the exciting events that are to come to Topeka and our other locations.  You know we’ll put on one heck of a party to kick things off right.  I will update this post as I know more.  In the meantime, don’t forget to find your favorite neighborhood Johnny’s Tavern location on Instagram & Facebook.  We are united as one on Twitter so you can find us there too!  


Much <3

Tiffany Marie. 

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