JTav in the Heart of Downtown KC!

Holy moly!  How is it already April, my friends?  January seemed like THE longest month of all time.  As for February, you can surely tell there are only 28 days in that month.  Next up, March!  The busiest month of the year in our world, so of course it came and went as fast as quicksand.  And here we are in April.  Baseball has started and all is right in the world. Regardless of how fast this year is passing by, I truly hope you are having a wonderful year. 

So, as a refresher before I dive into my next topic I’d like to acknowledge that each and every Johnny’s Tavern location is unique. I am challenging myself to learn about each one and what qualities make it special. I can’t wait to share these with you in the future. I think the biggest “bucket list” Johnny’s I have on my agenda is to FINALLY visit the OG Johnny’s Tavern in Lawrence, KS. After 6.5+ years of being in the Johnny’s fam, I am in quite disbelief I have never visited.

With that being said, I’d like to share with you (in my opinion) what makes my home base Johnny’s Tavern, in the heart of downtown, located in the Power & Light District, so special.

First of all, on first glance, the layout is completely different than any other Johnny’s Tavern I have set my feet into. Regardless of looks, when you go into your neighborhood Johnny’s Tavern, to me, you immediately have that family feel to it. The kind of place that sometimes even the children at the table out number the adults. That is what people love about Johnny’s Tavern. Everyone is welcome.

Kansas City is a beautiful city and we should all be so lucky to live in a place where we are actually known for our kindness and hospitality.  You know you’ve heard it before about us mid westerners, we are awfully polite, and proud of it.  The downtown life is booming thanks to the ever evolving Power & Light District, Sprint Center, surrounding businesses, and residents.  Our Power & Light location, 85 feet from the Sprint Center, is on the corner of 13th & Grand.  The Kansas City Live Block puts on concerts, dj’s, pub crawls, watch parties, festivals, and beyond. The Midland is such a classically gorgeous venue that brings in a whole array of talent. The downtown living is completely booming with One Light, Two Light, Three Light in the works. It really has caused an increased interest for people to live downtown.

I couldn’t possibly educate you on all the events that take place downtown, but what I do know is there is something for everybody.  If you haven’t already made your way in to see us during one of these events you definitely should.  It is the perfect place to enjoy food and beverages prior to or following events.  An added bonus, our kitchen is practically open until our doors close.  

I look forward to visiting other locations in the near future and as a guest, catching a glimpse of their own unique qualities inside and out in the nearby community.  In true Kansas City fashion, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  Until next time, keep on being classy, KC!

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