Frequent Diner Loyalty Program

The following is an explanation of our Loyalty Program.



  • When you go to pay at the store or pay for an online order you will be prompted to join the loyalty program.
  • You will receive a text or email saying you joined the program.  If you have not already created a profile you will be prompted to do so.



  • Every time you use your credit card points will be added to your Toast Loyalty profile.  You may check your point status in your profile at anytime.  This is found in the message you receive after every visit, or by visiting the loyalty section of our website.
  • $1 spent equals 1 loyalty point.
  • You will receive $10 for every 200 points obtained on your profile. You may collect points at any store.  You will be able to use your rewards at any store on your next visit.
  • Your reward ($) will only be used at your discretion and deducted from your bill. Once redeemed rewards will be used for the total amount of your check or the amount of rewards you have left.
  • You will only obtain points for items your credit card pays for. Example: You pick up the lunch tab for 3 coworkers and yourself. Yes! Absolutely you can collect points on the items you paid for.
  • You pay for your lunch only but want to collect points for 3 coworkers and yourself.  Unfortunately in this circumstance you will only collect the points you paid for.
  • If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. We want to achieve our number one goal and that is customer satisfaction. Feel free to ask any server, bartender or manager and we will help in every way we can. We want to reward all our loyal customers and make sure you feel like a part of our family.  Thanks for visiting Johnny’s Tavern!